Who We Are

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win*some /ˈwinsəm/ (adj.) attractive or appealing in appearance or character
can*ny /ˈkanē/ (adj.) very clever and able to make intelligent decisions

Every single woman is beautiful and intelligent. No matter what, we are flawless and powerful beings. Now - more than ever - women must use this to their advantage and help to shape the world we live in. New York City is a world all on its own and the ladies of Winsome & Canny are out to concur it, together.


Alyssa and Jessica: the ladies of Winsome & Canny - each have one thing in common - New York City. Jessica and Alyssa met in school back in 2011 when they both attended Manhattan College in the Bronx. Becoming instant friends and acknowledging their common interests, they first joined together to create their non-profit organization Pups & Pints. After the instant success of Pups & Pints the girls searched for their next creative endeavor. Creating W&C together was an obvious decision - especially in the aftermath of the presidential election. Each unique in their own way, but sharing the general struggle to pay rent in one of the world's biggest metropolises, and keen on voicing their opinions on the equality of women, as well as being passionate about changing the gender norms, W&C was born.

Join them as they take on the concrete jungle experiencing food, sex, fitness, feminism and more.