Lianna & Jelena - #BESTIES

Lianna & Jelena - #BESTIES

Name: Lianna Napolitan / Jelena Milovac

Age: 30 / 31

Roots: Whitestone, NY / Whitestone, Queens

Pin Drop: Whitestone / Whitesone, Queens

NY Status: 30 / All my life!

Occupation: Architect / Speech Pathologist

Uniqueness: Italian / Croatian

How long have you been friends for?
Jelena: Lianna and I have been friends since our early elementary school days….2nd grade!

Lianna: We've known each other since we were about 7. But we became more friendly in our early teens. 

How did you first meet?
I honestly don’t remember. We have always known each other from school and had the same group of friends but we became closer as we grew older.

Lianna: We met in elementary school. St. Luke's in Whitestone. 

What’s one of your favorite memories together?
There are many to choose from, but I would say being partners for our first crossfit competition together. I remember being nervous, but I knew Lianna had my back! It was great to work together, encourage each other, and combine our individual strengths in each workout to make a great team! 

Lianna: A few years ago we traveled to a few places in Portugal. This in itself was an amazing time! On one of our last days in Lagos we were hysterical laughing trying to read the newspaper in Portuguese on the beach, trying to get as tan as possible before going home. 

Have you ever fought about something? If so what? How did it resolve?
Not that I can recall. I am the most non confrontational person ever and try to let things go. I think we both respect each other’s opinions even if we don’t always see eye to eye on things.

Lianna: Never had a fight. If you know Jele, you know she's a tough cookie, but a lover not a fighter. 

What’s your favorite thing about the other?
Lianna’s sarcasm, wit, and humor. I can always count on her to make me feel better or laugh if I’m feeling down. She is a very giving person and always someone I can rely on. She is one of the strongest people I know-both physically and mentally!

Lianna: Jele could be considered one of the more shy girls in our group, but in recent years she's broken out of that shell and will try just about anything!

What’s one thing of theirs you’ve had for forever? How long have you had it for?
I don’t think I have anything of Lianna’s actually. I do have great memories especially travel stories that I will always cherish.

Lianna: I don't think I have anything of hers physically. We've been on a few unforgettable trips together and I'd say I'll have those memories forever. 

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