Elaine & Kirsten - #BESTIES

Elaine & Kirsten - #BESTIES

Name: Elaine Tanella / Kirsten Quisenberry

Age: 28 / 28

Roots: Garden City, NY / Pittsburgh, PA

Pin Drop: Prospect Heights, BK / Wanderer

NY Status: 3 Years / 3 but now traveling the world with Remote Year

Occupation: Digital Advertising Analytics / Graphic Designer

Uniqueness: Italian / Lots of mixes!

How long have you been friends for? 

Elaine: We met the first week freshman year of college (fall 2007) and have been friends ever since! 10 years and still besties!

How did you first meet? 

Elaine: As is fairly common in college, we both had rather peculiar random roommates. We lived in the honors (nerd) dorm so let's just say these girls were even odder than most. Luckily, we were put on the same floor 3 doors down from each other and met while passing in the hall. The rest is history.

What's one of your favorite memories together? 

KQ: There's too many to pick just one! From college, it would probably be the many nights out playing flip cup or dancing in THON (46 hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon) together as sophomores. It's still one of the craziest things I've ever done. More recently, we traveled to Peru together with two other friends. For two days, we stayed on this floating island in the middle of a lake. The people didn't speak English and we didn't speak Spanish so there was a lot of sign language happening. Somehow though we managed to order these delicious mulled wine drinks and just in time to watch sunset over the lake. It was breath-taking. 

ET: The memories are abundant, and so hard to pick a favorite! I always love the adventures we go on together, both abroad and in NYC.  One series of memories that sticks out in particular is when Kirsten visited my hometown for the first time.  It was awesome to have Kirsten meet one of my best friends, Alyssa, and instantly click.  We basically did a food tour of all of our favorite bagel spots, diners, and other LI staples.  There's no better feeling then having two of your best buds become friends. 

Have you ever fought about something? If so what? How did it resolve? 

We lived together a total of 6 years on and off in 5 different apartments and 2 different cities so yeah we fought. Our fights have revolved around dirty dishes or hair left in the shower drain or whose's turn it is to clean the bathroom. We're basically like sisters. Do siblings fight? Yes, but typically about silly things. 

What's your favorite thing about the other? 

KQ:  Elaine is one of the smartest, kindest people I know. Basically, she's a #girlboss. She's so motivated and it rubs of on everyone around her. She's always challenging me to do more and be more. I remember in college, I was afraid to apply for something I really wanted. She simply said what'd you have to lose? You've got this. She's still pushing me and at the same time, she's always there with a cookies or a tub of ice cream when things don't go right. She's thoughtful like that.

ET:  Kirsten is the most kind, thoughtful person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I'm pretty sure you couldn't measure the size of her heart if you tried. She's always in tune with the way those around her are feeling, and can always sense if something is wrong, or if someone needs comforting.  She's always putting others before herself. Aside from her kindness, she is incredible creative! I am always bugging her for decoration and design advice, and I'm surprised she hasn't grown tired of me yet.

What's one thing of theirs you've had for forever? How long have you had it for? 

KQ:  I have a doorstop from college that we wrote all over in sharpie one night. Silly teen stuff but I can't part with it. 

ET: I have a scrapbook that Kirsten gave me on my 21st birthday of pictures and quotes from our college adventures.  It sits in my apartment to this day, and always makes me super happy and laugh when I flip through it. 

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