Marissa & Nicole - #BESTIES

Marissa & Nicole - #BESTIES

Name: Marissa Zoe Peragine / Nicole Maria Sorrentino

Age: 25 / 26

Roots: Born in Canarsie, Brooklyn - Raise in Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn / Georgetown, Brooklyn

Pin Drop: Downtown Brooklyn /Bergen Beach, Brooklyn

NY Status: 25 years / Born and raised

Occupation: Structural Engineer / School Teacher

Uniqueness: Greek, Italian & Irish / Italian

How long have you been friends for? 
Marissa: We met in pre-K and have been friends ever since! So we have been a part of each other's lives for 24 years and counting. 

Nicole: Marissa and I have been friends since we were 2, so for 24 years.

How did you first meet? 
Marissa: Pre-school

Nicole: We met in pre-school and have been friends ever since! 

What's one of your favorite memories together? 
Marissa: It's hard to pick a favorite because there are so many amazing memories to choose from! My first concert ever was with Nicole. We went to N'Sync with our moms, and we dressed from head to toe in N'Sync gear. We looked ridiculous. I was at Nicole's house the day my brother was born. My parents went to the hospital while we had a playdate (which probably consisted of us playing with Barbies, and designing Barbie's outfit on her computer). I will also never forget the day I found out that not only were we going to the same college, but that we were going to be roommates. We were nervous about living together at first because we didn't want it to ruin our friendship by fighting over silly things. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing!

Nicole: There are sooooo many memories! One of my favorite memories is a recent one. We went to the Hamptons for my birthday and after a night out we were hungry so we bought probably one of each item in the vending machine at the hotel. We sat outside the vending machine for about 2 hours eating and laughing and reminiscing. 

Have you ever fought about something? If so what? How did it resolve? 
Marissa: In the many years we have been friends, the amount of fights we have been in is very few. Living together for four years meant that we were together all the time. We had our minor tiffs over silly roommate things, but we would get over it by talking it out. Nothing has ever really come between us that we couldn't talk through and move on from pretty much immediately. 

Nicole: One fight we had was after college. We were both transitioning into a new chapter in our lives. We had graduated, moved and were starting new jobs. We went from being college roommates and seeing each other all the time to barely seeing each other. We resolved the problem by communicating better and making sure we made time for one another. 

What's your favorite thing about the other? 
Marissa: My favorite thing about Nicole is that she is the sister I never had. No matter where life takes us, I know that I will always have her. Whether I need a shoulder to cry on, a partner to dance with, a friend to binge watch a season of Friends with, or anything in between, she is always there for me. 

Nicole: She is honest with me always, she’s there when I need her most and she's my forever dance partner! 

What's one thing of theirs you've had for forever? How long have you had it for?  
Marissa: I have a notebook that we would write letters to each other in when we ere little. We would put something in it after every time we hung out. It was kind of like a little diary that we kept together. When I read it now, I can't stop laughing.

Nicole: One thing that I have of ours is a magazine. When we were kids we created our own magazine with drawings, fashion and letters to one another. I still have it till this day. It’s probably 16 years old. 

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