Everything You Need to Survive a Music Festival

Everything You Need to Survive a Music Festival

Festival season has been well under way for 2017, but for me it is just getting started. This weekend is the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE. This is a 4 day festival that is perfect for all you music lovers out there in the North East. There are over 140 bands this year from all genres of music and some pretty impressive headliners including Bob Dylan, Chance the Rapper and Twenty One Pilots. I went back in 2015 with my gal pal, Erin and we had a blast! This was my first festival where I camped, so I definitely learned the hard way about what to bring to be prepared for the unknown. Unfortunately, it rained a ton while we were there and let's just say we had a few wet and sleepless nights. But, this time around I am coming well prepared and I created the most epic packing list that I wanted to share with you all:

Camping Necessities

-        Tent - First time around we had a tent that was made for 2. Note that it legit is meant to only fit two people to sleep. We had no room to change as our air mattress basically took up the entire tent. This year I am coming equipped with a 6 person tent so that we have plenty of room to get in and out of the tent and floor space to change and keep our clothes in the tent rather than the car. 

-        Tarp (2) - 1 for under the tent to keep a dry ground and also for under the pop up canopy. Great to have in case it rains so you aren't constantly standing in wet, muddy grass.

-        Pop Up Canopy - Life saver! Gives you some much needed shade to hang out under before you head into the concert grounds.

-        Rug - This is just a nice to have. Put this over the tarp under your pop up canopy to add a little touch of design and comfort.

-        Tapestry - Hang cool tapestries on the sides of your pop up canopy to give some additional shade and unique feel to your campsite!

-        Air Mattress - Much more comfortable than a sleeping bag and keeps you up off the floor in case your tent gets wet. 

-        Queen Sheet Set (2) - Good to have a second set! Our sheets got soaked from a crazy rain storm and we just had to deal with it so this year I am bringing a second set so we stay dry.

-        Pillow

-        Blanket

-        Chair (2)

-        Lantern (2)

-        Coolers – 1 for Drinks, 1 for Food. You can also use the cooler as a table.

-        Solar Shower - The shower lines are crazy long, and this also can double as a water source to clean dishes, your dirty feet etc.

-        Blow Up Couch - These have been all the craze lately and I just got one as a gift. This is awesome to also bring inside the concert grounds as it folds up and can be thrown into your backpack.

-        Grill

-        Propane

-        Fire Extinguisher - Just in case your dumb ass causes a fire while grilling.

-        Combo Lock for Tent - I didn't have a problem with theft, but you never know. 

Food & Drink Necessities

-        Paper Plates

-        Paper Towels

-        Plastic Utensils

-        Plastic Cups

-        Koozies - Keep those beers ice cold!

-        Trash Bags

-        Ziploc Bags - Multiple uses, but definitely good for putting your dirty clothes in.

-        Frying Pan

-        Cooking Spray

-        Tin Foil

-        Spatula

-        Lysol Wipes

-        Reusable Water Bottle - Reduce waste on plastic bottles. I suggest this flask that keeps my water nice and cold even on the hottest days - Hydro Flask. You can also bring this into the concert and refill it for free at the water stations.

-        Egg Whites - All the food moving forward is more on the healthier side as that is how I eat regularly. Just keep in mind you want foods that don't spoil quickly and aren't messy and hard to prepare.

-        Peanut Butter

-        Apples

-        Oranges

-        Tuna

-        Salsa

-        Baby Carrots

-        Hummus

-        Hamburger Patties

-        Hamburger Buns

-        Cheese

-        Chicken Burgers

-        Protein Bars

-        Almonds

-        Popcorn

-        Energy Chews - Great to have on hand if you hit an energy slump mid day.

-        Ketchup

-        Salt & Pepper Packets

-        3 Gallons of Water

-        Gatorade

-        Beer – 2 30 Racks

-        Large Batch of Margarita - Or any of your favorite cocktail!

Clothing & Accessory Necessities

-        Shirts (6)

-        Shorts (2)

-        Pajamas

-        Sneakers (2)

-        Flip Flops

-        Tevas - Didn't have a strapped open toe shoe last year and my flip flops were a disaster in the mud. These are easy to clean and are sturdy.

-        Underwear (4)

-        Bra – 1 Regular, 1 Strapless, 1 Sport

-        Socks (6)

-        Bathing Suit

-        Rain Coat

-        Sweatshirt

-        Sweatpants

-        Workout Outfit (1)

-        Sunglasses - Bring multiple pairs that you won't get bummed about if they break, because that is bound to happen.

-        Hat

-        Backpack

-        Camelpak

-        Towel (2)

Toiletry Necessities

-        Bug Spray

-        Sunscreen

-        Aloe Spray

-        Hand Sanitizer

-        Deodorant

-        Summer’s Eve Spray - Ladies, this shit right here though...keeps the thigh chaffing away!

-        Baby Wipes

-        Toilet Paper

-        Toothbrush

-        Toothpaste

-        Shampoo & Conditioner

-        Body Wash

-        Face Wash

-        Band Aids

-        Ear Plugs - Wish I had these the first time around. You are sleeping in close quarters with other festival goers and if you want to sleep in without ear plugs, good luck.

-        Sleeping Mask - With the sun rising at like 5:30 AM, this is a must have.

-        Razor

-        Hand Soap

-        Hair Brush

-        Hair Ties

-        Tampons

-        Pads

-        Chapstick - Make sure it has SPF!

-        Mirror

-        Advil

-        Pepto-Bismol

Personal Necessities

-        Concert Wristband or Ticket

-        Cell Phone - A little tip for you...put your friends cell number on the back of your phone. If you lose it, they can contact your friend even if your phone is locked.

-        Wallet w/ Credit Card and ID – Firefly is cashless. So in that case, bring minimal cash.


-        Bug Zapper - I get bit by mosquitoes A LOT. This year I bought myself a cheap solar powered bug zapper off Amazon that I am hoping keeps me bite free.

-        Duct Tape - Duct tape can fix anything.

-        Binder Clips  - Allows you to easily hang your tapestries and whatnot from your canopy.

-        Speaker

-        Speaker Charger

-        Cell Phone Charger

-        Citronella Candle

-        Lighter

-        Spare Car Key - Keep this hidden in a safe spot, just in case you lose your keys.

-        GoPro - Or any camera you would like! Make sure to take lots of pictures to remember your epic experience.

-        GoPro Charger

-        Frisbee

-        Cards

-        Football - Or any type of yard games you prefer. Great way to pass the time and invite other people to play with you - be friendly!

-        Ground Blanket

-        Swiss Army Knife

-        Batteries

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