Corinna - M.I.L.F.s

Corinna - M.I.L.F.s

Name: Corinna Sedlack

Roots: Patchogue/Blue Point, Long Island, NY

Pin Drop: Yonkers, NY

NY Status: 24 years a New Yorker

Occupation: Sales associate/assistant manager at Club Pilates; Nightlife Host

Uniqueness: Haitian, Czechoslovakian, Irish, German, English

What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant? "Omg I can get pregnant, yay!" Because I thought I may not be able to since the cysts in my uterus seemed to be even worse than my mom's, who miscarried several years after she had me. 

Were you hoping for a specific gender? Oddly enough, I always thought I wanted a boy, but when I found out I was pregnant I felt excited for whichever sex the baby may be.  However, I felt like I was having a boy early on in my pregnancy

How was your experience being pregnant? What were some of the "perks" of it?  I guess I would have what some may classify as a "not so great" pregnancy.  I was sick morning, noon, and night and had aversion to food; as well as symphysis pubic disfunction (felt like my pelvis was tearing) and extreme back pain - while working 3 jobs. Looking at my sonograms and feeling my baby boy's kicks was always the remedy for making me feel better.  I am grateful for my sensitive stomach, appetite, and having my baby in my belly because I finally got on a great healthy food and lifestyle regimen.  I pretty much only drank and ate foods that had nutrients that would benefit my baby and myself.  I was about 160 lbs, so 25 pounds overweight when I became pregnant, ended up only gaining 12 pounds, and once I gave birth I was down to 135 lbs within the first week.  So I owe my baby more than just the happiness he brings me in general; but the happiness he gave me from finally being healthy, fit, and at a weight that made me comfortable with myself.  "Hooray, for no more crash dieting!"  

Did you have a difficult time picking out a name? Were there any names that your partner liked more than you did? When I found out I was pregnant after the stint of joy I had for knowing I could do this wonderful thing(Have a baby).. I was extremely overwhelmed.  My dear friend Lauren suggested I go through my day doing fun mommy to be things, like looking at names.  I always wanted to name my child some type of eastern European/ Russian name because I felt like the names always sounded so regal and beautiful; and if I had a girl I wanted to  name her something that could be combined with my Grandma's name.  I figured I could start by looking at names with a Czech-Slovak origin since that's part of my heritage. I went through the girl's names first, and then the boy's.  I got to the J's and I knew I was having a boy because I had found his name, "Jarek," which means strong.  Strength is something that has always resonated with me because I had to go through quite a bit by myself.  I put myself through school and lived on my own for the majority of college. Figuring out how to survive in the city, pursue my career, develop healthy and safe relationships, and be a full time student was not easy to do with little to no guidance but my own.  

My father was not present while I was growing up. My Uncle J-Johnny-Jet who was one of my main positive male influences actually ended up getting Multiple Sclerosis when I was in High School and it went to Stage 4 pretty fast.  He passed in my Junior year of college and I got my first and only tattoo to honor him which says, "strength."  Before he became sick he was a 6'4 super built guy, the epitome of fitness and athleticism.  He would jog down the street and I would roller-blade beside him trying to keep up.  My earliest memory is of how he would launch me into the air over and over without tiring, I would end up backing out because of my own fear of his ability to shoot me up to such great heights.  When he became ill I definitely didn't know how to handle it well. I've never been good at facing things that make me sad because I don't know what to do to fix them, I can't fix it.  I remember when I called him for one of his last birthdays, after hearing the weakness and strain in his voice he could tell I started to get upset, and he told me not to be upset and just to pray for him.  Even though he was a man of God before this horrible disease, I was astonished that he was still so grounded in his faith and did not feel forsaken by God.  That was true strength of faith, mind, soul, and spirit.  Remembering these facets of strength and how to be a strong person that were shown to me by my Uncle is definitely something I want to demonstrate and teach to my son in order for him to become grounded in these great traits of a strong person.  Therefore naming my son the Czech name Jarek, which means strong seemed like a no-brainer.

Unfortunately my son's father at first wanted to name our son," Damian," and I kind of was like there's no way we're naming our son after the spawn of satan (jokingly) even though it is a lovely name too.  So we had a pretty big feud for most of my pregnancy about what we'd be naming the baby, he was completely against my choice and I thought I may have to compromise even though the thought of giving up the name that felt so special to me made me sad, and then on the day of our pregnancy photo-shoot 7 months in, my friend and photographer Taylor Edwards asked what we were naming the baby and he answered, "Jarek."

What is one trait that your child has that you definitely think came from you? My spirit, that exudes through our smiles. ^_^

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