Women Crushing Wednesday - Alima

Women Crushing Wednesday - Alima

This week's #WomenCrushingWednesday goes to the one and only, Alima Scringer. I have had the pleasure of knowing Alima for a few years now and met her through our CrossFit box, CrossFit Sanctuary. She is a "no excuses, just results" kind of chick and is always giving it her all whenever I see her. Her intensity is next level and it is infectious - I would know! Alima has made fitness her lifestyle from taking care of her body with proper nutrition to being a motivator inside and outside of the gym through her positive outlook on life.

Age: 39

Roots: Queens, NY

Pin Drop: Queens, NY

New Yorker Status: Born in NY - Lived in FL for 12 years - Moved back to NY 15 years ago

Occupation: Registered Nurse and Fitness Instructor

Uniqueness: Cuban and Jamaican

How long have you been seriously working out and where do you train? I have been seriously working out for 6 years now and train at numerous gyms across NYC and Long Island.

Was there anything in particular that inspired or motivated you to start working out? What keeps you motivated to stay dedicated to this lifestyle? Initially I just wanted to loose weight, but when I realized I could actually change the shape of my body I was hooked.

Obviously gaining muscle is a major benefit of lifting weights, but have you received any other types of benefits that maybe you didn't expect to happen? Confidence, inner strength and patience. To see results you have to stick with it even when it doesn't feel like anything is happening. I learned to trust the process. In life you have to keep going even if you can't see the finish line.

Women tend to stay away from the free weights and machines due to being intimidated by the fact that it is a male dominated part of the gym. Did you ever feel that type of intimidation? What advice would you give women who do feel that way? No, but I have always felt more comfortable around men than women. My advice would be to start with free weights and find a spot away from the men if that's the issue. Go to the gym during off peak hours if possible. Find your favorite playlist turn it way up and get into your zone. The men will be the intimidated ones.

Do you have any short term or long term goals you would like to accomplish in regards to fitness? Yes, short term I am working on sculpting my body and getting back to running regularly. For the long term, marathons and obstacles course races and motivating women to be fit and healthy.

What advice would you give a fellow female who is just getting started at the gym? Appreciate where you're at now. Having the ability to start is a gift. Set goals and track your progress. Stay positive believe in yourself and trust the process.

Be sure to check out Alima's fitness page on Facebook: Link Up Fitness

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