Taylor Jo - "I Am Not My Hair"

Taylor Jo - "I Am Not My Hair"

Age: 21

Roots: Vermilion, OH

Pin Drop: Brooklyn, NY

New Yorker Status: 10 months

Occupation: Ice Cream Shop Manager

Uniqueness: Caucasian

How long was your hair before you cut it? Did you have any hesitations before you chopped it off? Before I cut my hair it was a few inches past my shoulders. I had been considering chopping it off but I couldn't decide, until one day I just went for it. I intended to get a trim and told the hairdresser, "just cut it all off."

What made you decide to color it? What is your natural hair color? I've been cutting my hair since I was 15 because I was never a fan of my natural hair color. My natural hair is an ashy brown with no highlights or shine, and when I was 15 I hated it. I started by dying it blonde, black, auburn, and move to unnatural colors once I moved out of my mum's house.

What are some things people have said to you about your hairstyle? Good or bad. Well, usually I get compliments, since short hair suits my face much better than long hair did. Not all of my family were fans, and I occasionally got comments about being "dike-y" or too boyish. My mum used to hate the unnatural colors, she thought it was gross. For the most part though people love the color and style!

Do you feel more empowered with shorter hair? If not, why? I 100% feel more empowered with shorter hair. It gives me confidence and makes me feel pretty badass sometimes, which is sometimes hard for me because I look very young and naive. 

Do you think you'll ever grow your hair back out? When I first cut it short the whole salon went crazy over it and told me never to grow it out again since short hair suited me so well. I've considered growing my hair back out, but every time I try I give up and cut it back to short again. I think I'll keep my hair short for the time being, but I'll grow it out at least before I'm 80 because I want long flowy grey hair when I'm old. 

Do you have a favorite salon in the city? I got my current hair cut at Takamichi Hair in the Lower East Side and they were really good there, but I don't go to salons very often so I can't say I have an actual favorite. 

Photographs by: Karly Cronin

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