The U. S. of A.

The U. S. of A.

You wear your political affiliations as a badge of honor while you view theirs as a direct, personal attack on you.

You may disagree with them, but that does not mean they are wrong. 

You stand on the wrong side of history and shout into the void, blindly. 

You shout into the void you can't even tell is right in front of you because the fog of ignorance and hatred is too thick.

You don't notice your words directed toward 'them' hang in the air. They never reach the them you are fighting so hard to defend yourself against. The them that was never fighting you in the first place.

You mistake the echo off the walls of your bubble as support and unwavering validation that you are right. 

And you mistake the voices of reason filling the cracks of your flawed arguments - arguments riddled with valleys full of lies disguised knowledge and the truth written off as lies; valleys large enough to cause this earth to shake more than she already is - as a very personal attack.

They are fictitious demons.

They are invisible foes.

They are akin to your imaginary friend who stole your favorite toy.

They are not out to get you.

They do not exist.

You exist.

I exist.

And that is reason enough to love hard, live with intention and work toward something together.

Fighting against everyone who looks different, lives different, worships different, walks, talks, and loves different, will get you nowhere. It will get us nowhere.

It is not you vs. me. It is not us vs. them. Your favorite team didn't just win the Super Bowl. You didn't win a damn thing.

And what a waste of energy when, if you boil it down, we all want the same thing.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We were promised that.

We are fighting for that. 

You may have that. But not everyone who has been promised that, has that. 

So we stand, we march, and we fight. Not against you or against them,

But for that.

Because we *all* deserve

at least that.




#BlackPower - February 2017

#BlackPower - February 2017

Dear 2017...

Dear 2017...