To Bush or Not To Bush

To Bush or Not To Bush

I was scrolling through our own Instagram page the other day, just kind of checking out what content we've already used and trying to get inspired about ideas of what to write. Oddly enough the picture of Amber Rose chillen on the steps in large dark sunglasses, and a black fur coat with her crotch exposed, is what sparked my creative mind and led me to write this article.

Over the last couple of years the bush has really gotten attention. First, it seems, it was with the American Apparel window displays that showed the mannequins with, not-so-well-designed, pubic hair. The public about lost their minds lol. I mean a part from the horrible depiction of the bushes, it was a bit alarming as they were really the first retail company to add actual bushes to their mannequins. Then as the Free the Nipple started becoming popular women started sharing their own bushes. Shaving commercials started aiming at "beautifying" the bush instead of talking about shaving it all off. And of course, the Slut Walk founder herself bared her bush. So many things these days have stigma all over them - especially when it comes to women. But for me, I feel like the most confusing aspect of the female body is in FACT the bush. Everyone likes to agree that women should shave their legs and armpits, that's considered "feminim." No one though can agree on what we're suppose to do to the bush.

As a sexually active and opinionated 26 year old woman I often like to help my girl friends who are younger, less experienced sexually, and more timid about sharing their opinions. One of my friends did ask me once what she was suppose to do with her V. Was she suppose to shave it? Leave it all crazy like a cave woman? Or trim it? I honestly had no answer for her. I had heard competing statements that said you should keep your pubic hair because grown men didn't want to fuck little girls. I also had girls in high school shame me for actually still having pubic hair on my vagina and shamed me into thinking I HAD to shave it because that's what guys liked. They didn't want to go down on a hairy vagina. To this DAY I have still been pretty fucking confused, soooo like the good creative, un-biased, sometimes-journalist I am I decided to do an experiment.

For the last however many years I have always shaved. I've only kept my hair as long as to where it started to feel scratchy, before shaving it off. I would shave it before any dates or sexual encounters but then realized that I had never actually grown it out. I've had girl friends who've grown out their bushes only to later wax it off in a Brazilian before vacation, but had never really known of a friend who just naturally kept her bush wild and free. Sooo that's what I did. At the beginning of July I started to grow my bush out. I wanted to see what guys would say. Would they keep quiet? Would they immediately pull down my panties and go "WHAT THE FUCK?!" or perhaps when we were done coitus and cuddling, would politely ask me to trim it?

The tough part about growing your bush out is that stage where it's almost like a man's facial stubble. It's itchy and prickly and it tempts you. Your patience with it is determined after the first week of not shaving. For the love of my art I battled through the annoyance to a lovely semi-long bush. I started shaving the sides, my bikini line, and doing a nice line at the top. I would get into the shower at times and forget that I was growing it out and surprise myself.

Like "Oh shit! That's right I'm growing out my pubes."

My girl friends all seemed so intrigued. They wanted to know why I was doing it and how it was going. Here and there I'd get a text in our group chat that said "how's your bush doing?" I started encouraging some of my friends to do it as well, so I had a wider range of opinions from boyfriends. The general consensus seemed to be that guys didn't care, which leads me to the real question: WHO is the evil person who created the myth that men don't want to be with hairy women?!

All I was made to believe growing up was that men didn't find women attractive who had hairy armpits, leg hair, and a bush. Yet every boyfriend I've had since high school - or really any guy I've hooked up with - has never been able to tell if I've shaved my legs or not. And I'm sorry but unlike the romantic comedies made today there have been maybe 3 times in my life that a guy has actually "caressed" my leg. Because you know we've all seen that one scene where the guy and girl are hooking up on the couch and he's stripping off her panty hose and runs his hand back up her leg. Yeah, nah. That ish does not happen. The one time it did I immediately became self-conscious and tried remembering the last time I shaved. The guy didn't even notice. Armpits are the same way. No I've never thought about growing out my armpit hair BUT I have missed a day of shaving and received no comments regarding the hair there. The concept of female body hair is just asinine to me.

You know how much money we would save every year by NOT having to purchase razors, shaving cream, band-aids from cuts, and paying for waxes?! Yeah, me either, but I'm sure if I took the time to calculate it out it would be a lot!

Yes, I know that someone will read this article and think, "Here we go, another thing for women to bitch about." But, it's true. That's what we're suppose to do - talk about the things that bug us about how society expects women to act, dress, talk, and shave. About a year or so ago I decided that I no longer wanted to wear real bras. Now I wear bralettes. It was my own decision and it wasn't influenced by anything society was throwing around. I had finally learned to love my small boobs and no longer felt the need to sling them up inside a push-up bra. Besides, have you ever felt that pain when you take your push-up bra off at night and your boobs immediately slam downwards on your chest. It hurts haha. The same goes for my bush. Yeah it was fun to see what it was like, the reactions it got, the interest from other friends. But to be honest I also got to a point in my semi-adult life where I decided that I wasn't shaving because I thought guys found it hot, I shave because honestly I like to. It's like when I decided to not be a lazy f*** and actually shave my legs. I loooove the feeling of my skin after I shave. It's so smooth. I don't diss those who decide to keep their pubes - to each their own. I think that every woman should try both at one point in their life. You never know how you'll feel. Maybe you'll feel naked with no hair over it, maybe you'll feel like it sets you free. Who am I or anyone else to judge. 

Let us know, keep it to yourself, whatever you want but "To bush or not to bush" is solely your decision. Now go out and grow it out or shave it down - your lady business is your business. 

Peace & Love!



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