Great Ways to Get a Workout in - Vacation Style

Great Ways to Get a Workout in - Vacation Style

This Friday I am going away for 9 days to backpack through Thailand with my boyfriend for his 30th birthday. While I am super excited to head back to the Far East after my last trip to Indonesia, I don't want my fitness and diet regime to be completely shattered. I have gone on vacations and completely went off the wagon and excessively indulged in copious amounts of alcohol and junk food and on top of that not working out. The outcome was not worth it -  weight gain, bloating and having to work that much harder to get back on track have made me rethink the way I approach my time off. While vacations should be looked at as a time to unwind and let your hair down, try and not go overboard and try and get a good sweat in once in a while. In preparation for my upcoming trip and just future trips in general, I started looking up some good ways to get in a workout that doesn't require a gym or minimal to no equipment. Take some of these ideas on your next vacation to keep that rockin' bod on point!

1. Get Active with your Day

Of course we all love laying poolside basking in the sun for hours on end. But sitting around all day isn't going to do you any good. Get up and get moving! Research fun healthy activities prior to your trip like a nice long hike or a kayak tour for example. You will be having so much fun you won't even realize you are getting a great workout in! While I am in Thailand, we are going to go hiking to check out some beautiful waterfalls and also going to go scuba diving in Phuket.

2. Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance bands take up minimal space in your suitcase and are a great way to take your workout up a notch. Also, you can take these anywhere and do a workout, whether it be in your hotel room or even beach side. I plan on bringing mine to Thailand to get in quick workouts whenever I can. Here is a great lower body routine you can try out:

20 reps each leg (40 total) x 4 rounds for each movement.

- Jump Squats

- Back Leg Raises

- Side Leg Raises

- Glute Bridges

3. Opt for Walking When Possible

Being from New York, we are always looking to get somewhere in a flash which means walking is sometimes out of the question. Well, you are now on vacation so chill out! Instead of ordering that Uber to head to the restaurant up the block, try walking. Yes it might take a little more time, but you will be burning off some calories and it is a better way to experience the new city you are in. You never know what you might come across that you might have whizzed by in a car! Luckily for me, we will be walking a TON while we are site seeing and traveling from place to place.

4. Bring Fun Beach Games

I know when I am at the beach at home, I like to bring a frisbee or a football to play with. Laying in the sun all day can get boring sometimes. A football might be out of the question for a vacation, but a frisbee is light and takes up minimal space in your suitcase. So even if you are stuck at your beach side resort all day (rough life), you can still get a fun game in and work those muscles. 

5. Body Weight Workouts

If you opt to not bring any type of equipment with you on vacation, no worries! Body weight movements are really great and you will still get a satisfying workout in little time. In the past when I am pressed for time, I will do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout that lasts no more than 20 minutes. I suggest doing this first thing in the morning to give you some much needed energy and free up the rest of your day. Here is an example of one of my favorite vacation HIIT workouts:

20 Minute HIIT - Repeat circuit twice. For beginners, take a 2 minute rest before starting the second circuit if needed.

1:00 Jumping Jacks

:30 Side Lunges

:30 Squats

1:00 Jog in Place

:30 Burpees

:30 Forward Lunges

1:00 High Knees

:30 Mountain Climbers

1:00 Butt Kicks

:30 Side Lunges

:30 Push Ups

:30 Squats

1:00 Plank

:30 Sit Ups

:30 Burpees

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