10 Amazon Prime Ready Fitness Gifts for Your Valentine

10 Amazon Prime Ready Fitness Gifts for Your Valentine

Yes, Valentine's Day is a week away and if you're a procrastinator like me, you haven't gotten your special someone a gift yet (whoops). Well thanks to Amazon Prime and their free 2-day shipping we won't be showing up to Valentine's Day dinner empty handed! Being in a relationship with a #fitbae means I can't get off easy by getting him a bunch of chocolate and calling it a day. To be honest, no one should be doing this anyway...how unoriginal! After scouring Amazon for some ideas of my own, I figured I would share them with you ladies as well! 

1. SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones, $29.99

I actually bought these for myself and it was the best $30 bucks ever spent. I was tired of having the wires of my headphones get in the way when I was working out, whether it be lifting weights or running on the treadmill. I would always find a way to catch the wire and rip the earbuds right out of my ears. These eliminated that problem for me and are super comfortable. I don't even need to have my phone near me since there are controls on the actual headphones if I need to raise the volume or change songs mid pump. Your Valentine will definitely love these and put them to good use right away!

2. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller, $28.89

Stretching and foam rolling are essential for proper muscle recovery and increased flexibility. While most athletes know this, we tend to be lazy and skip it because it is borrrring. Well, the TriggerPoint Foam Roller makes recovery a lot more interesting and convenient! The instructional video gives you tons of great ideas to hit those tight muscles in just the right way and the grid-like surface feels just like a massage therapist's hands but without spending all that money. I really like this camo print one as it definitely gives it an edge your swolemate will love!

3. Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Duffle, $39.99-$54.99 

If your guy is one of the people that hits up the gym straight after work, then he obviously needs a solid gym bag for his commute. Under Armour is usually a fan favorite among dudes and for good reasons. Their products are well made with high grade materials and can take a beating. I have had gym bags in the past that have had the shoulder straps rip, lose their shape and just not have enough compartments for what I needed. I actually own this bag and it is perfect for my LI to NYC commute. It comfortably fits everything I need and it isn't too big that it becomes a pain in the ass to drag onto the train and subway. 

4. Flavor God Seasonings, $37.99

Eating clean can get pretty boring and bland, we all know this. But one day, the heavens opened up and Flavor God blessed us with a gift that changed the game forever. These seasonings will give your chicken and broccoli life again and not break your diet like most high sodium seasonings will. There are tons of unique flavors to choose from and convenient multi packs that would make the perfect gift!

5. Hydra Cup - Dual Threat Shaker Bottle, $11.99

Not gonna lie, might gift this to myself. If your man is one to drink BCAA's before or during their workout and then a protein shaker right after, then this is PERFECT. This double chamber protein shaker allows you to have two drinks within one shaker making it easier to stay on top of your supp game. Pair this up with his favorite pre workout or protein and this makes the perfect gift.

6. Cellucor Cor-Performance 100% Whey Protein Powder, $23.99

Now that you are thinking about buying that Hydra Cup shaker, you need the perfect protein to go along with it. While there are tons of great protein powders on the market, I do lean towards Cellucor. I have always been a fan of their Chocolate flavor, but decided to change things up recently and try out their Peanut Butter Marshmallow flavor. I must say, I am glad I did because it is so damn good! Two of my favorite things put into one...and it helps me with my gains? Here, take all of my money.

7. QALO Silicone Wedding Ring, $19.99

If your hubby is a man that either works with his hands for a living or hates working out with his wedding ring on, then this is the perfect solution. QALO designed a stylish silicone wedding ring that is comfortable and durable enough to endure a person's active lifestyle. These rings have become very popular in the CrossFit community for both men and women and are continuing to gain popularity within the Fitness community. 

8. The HIIT Interval Workout Game, $29.97

Working out with your significant other is a healthy and productive way to spend time together. I know when I am working out with my boyfriend, we hold one another accountable and push each other a little farther than we normally would go. I came across this really cool HIIT game that would be a really unique gift that both you and your Valentine could benefit from. You can bring it to the gym, or even do it at home. Now there are no excuses to not get that workout in!

9. Under Armour Tech 1/4 Zip, $39.95

This pullover is the perfect lightweight jacket that every guy needs in their wardrobe. I see tons of men wearing these either in the gym or in the office when it gets chilly. It is very versatile and would definitely get a lot of use and comes in a bunch of neutral colors that would go with any outfit. 

10. Gallon Gear Water Jug Cover, $29.99

Drinking enough water throughout the day is essential to keep your body replenished and running at optimal levels. We are supposed to drink half our body weight in ounces per day. That is a lottt of trips to the water fountain or wasted water bottles. The Gallon Gear water jug cover solves this problem by keeping your gallon container nice and cold so that you can have your water easily accessible throughout the day with no need to refill. Also, the cover has compartments that you can store your phone, headphones, and keys in so that you aren't juggling a bunch of stuff when moving around the gym. 

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